Coal‘s packaging & transportation solutions

Standard packaging

The basic package is a labelled tin. The selling and distribution package is a 3-layer cardboard box. Both, the basic and the selling and distribution packages are designed to protect the pellets and preserve its quality.


Optional packaging

We offer new possibilities for product packaging in strech foil or blisterpack in accordance with your needs. Strech foil is used to pack more tins (eg. 4 or 10 tins) which are then completed in cardboard boxes. Blisterpack with 1 to 4 pcs. tins is intended for markets, which use this form of packaging for the sale and purchase of airgun pellets. Both additional offers include an extra charge. For an individual offer send us your inquiry.


Transport packaging

For land and overseas transportation of our products we use wooden Euro-pallets of 120 cm x 80 cm size. The load height of the pallets is up to 70 cm, the maximum load weight is 1000 kg. Fully loaded Euro-pallet contains 125 – 150 cardboard boxes of airgun pellets (depending on the type of pellets loaded). The cardboard boxes are properly secured by outer packaging.