Airgun pellets production

The roots ... our present airgun pellets production reach back to the 1960s. In 1960 Mr. Cofek Stjepan, a pilot of the Military Academy and an expert for maintenance of mechanical machines, as well as an expert for airgun pellets production technology, started to construct his own technology for pellets production. The final version of this technology was completed in 1980. After a few years of test production the regular production started in 1984. These were the best airgun pellets produced in former Yugoslavia. Until 1989 the pellets was produced for the needs of the Croatian Shooters' Association and former Yugoslavian market. In the same year the production was interrupted due to unstable economic and political conditions in former Yugoslavia.

In 1993 ... we established a new family-owned company in Slovenia, in which Mr. Cofek Stjepan’s nephews Jože and Milan Cofek started the production of airgun pellets with a newly developed technology. As a result, new airgun pellets with commercial brand name "White pellets" were developed. The *WP* lead pellets, named "white" due to extreme metal shine of the pellets, have an excellent ballistic quality. Pellets have been attested by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia. Both attests, as well as the results of several satisfied shooters and competitors with *White pellets* during past years, confirm the excellent quality of »Coal« brand airgun pellets and successful »different way to quality« in airgun pellets production.

Today ... with our self-developed technology solutions in manufacturing airgun pellets, own business processes, long-term development strategy and innovative business orientation, we provide constant care on the quality of our products and services. We offer an ever-wider range of airgun pellets and long-term successful cooperation with our business partners.

In the future ... we will continue to direct our efforts in business excellence, with the aim to meet and exceed the expectations of each and every business partner and end-user, which is our obligation.