Products quality...the facts about our advantadges


High quality materials

We use the best available materials in order to achieve high and constant quality of our products. The basic raw material for “WP” pellets is clean, refined lead, and for “PSP” pellets a combination of plastics material and metal where the metal is not in contact with the firearm bore. We thus ensure the basics for achieving the best ballistic qualities and long-term faultlessness of the firearm.
The basic package is a tin with a label on the cover. The selling and distribution package is a 3-layer cardboard box. Both the basic and the selling and distribution packages are designed to protect the ammunition and preserve its quality.

Guiding edges of the ammunition

Accurate and sharp edges ensure minimal friction between the pellet and the weapon bore. This enables the best efficiency of the firearm’s power (pressure) and thus the best possible velocity of the missile and the least burdening of the firearm’s bore.

Position and sealing of the pellet in the weapon bore

Over-sized and properly designed pellet skirt ensures excellent sealing between the pellet and the bore and therefore there is no loss of the firearm’s power (pressure). Thus a constant initial velocity (Vo) of all pellets is achieved.

Constant weight of the pellets

*WP* pellets have an excellent weight accuracy. In each production lot we guarantee +/- 4 milligrams (0,004 g) of discrepancy in weight at the most by the 4.5 mm (.177) pellets or +/- 5 milligrams(0,005g) by the 5.5 mm (.22) pellets.. We thus achieve the highest possible ballistic accuracy of the pellet.


Excellent ballistic qualities

Because of the presented qualities, the “WP” pellets have excellent ballistic results. Its characteristics are constant and high velocity of pellets and minimal number of wild shots.

The testing of “WP” pellets performed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia and the comparative testing of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as reference results of shooters using “White Pellets”, such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on national championships in Slovenia and the results on international competitions confirm the high quality and ballistic qualities of “White Pellets”.

5 steps of product quality control

Product quality is of great importance for us. We achieve high and constant quality with our quality control in 5 steps, which was developed based on experience. We control : raw materials, manufacturing processes, products in the phase of manufacturing process,final products, technical and ballistic control, final products, visual control.
We devote a lot of attention to separate materials and products of unsuitable quality. An important tool for this is also visual control, which is irreplaceable in mass production of pellets. The thoroughness of control is marked for each product in the catalogue. This self-developed 5-phase control ensures the quality of our products.

Our quality guarantee:

  1. We assure weight accuracy of “WP” pellets with minimum of discrepancy.
  2. Minimal discrepancy in velocity of each missile.
  3. The “WP” pellet shall achieve the highest velocity in comparison to lead pellets of other manufacturers when using the same weight of the lead pellet and the same firearm.
  4. Long-term quality of the pellet.
  5. Faultless operation and longer lifeline of the firearm when using our products.


Experts opinions

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