Normal Pistol WP 500 4.49

500WPN P 350x
»Normal« pellets is specially designed for competitions. It is a pellet carefully controlled with our self-developed control process. Because of this control, this ammunition achieves excellent weight accuracy, initial speed and accuracy of each shot. Several first places were achieved using this ammunition at official national and international competitions. We offer these pellets in calibre 4.5 mm (.177) in various weights for pistol and rifle Olympic disciplines and three exact calibres 4,49 mm, 4.50 mm and 4,51 mm.
caliber 4.49mm | .177
weight 0,49g | 7,56gr
energy ≤ 7,5J
recommended sport line pellets
ranges ≤ 10m | 11y
quantitiy 500
cardboardbox 24